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Is Hypnotherapy for You?

When induced by a qualified professional, hypnosis is a safe modality that can benefit anyone. Forget what you've seen in movies and at stage shows. Even if you've never been formally hypnotized, you're probably more familiar with hypnosis than you realize.

The fact is, a hypnotic trance is a natural state most of us visit on a daily basis. For example, most of us have driven a distance while thinking of other things, when suddenly we realize that we don't remember having passed certain exits or streets. That is called 'waking hypnosis'. Since the conscious part of the mind was not focused on driving, the subconscious mind (the part programmed through repetition) took over and got there safely. Or, a very light hypnotic trance could occur when a person is so engrossed in a novel or movie that he or she is there and real surroundings don't seem to exist.

A Hypnotherapist induces a hypnotic trance to be able to adjust the subconscious. Contrary to myths, there is never a loss of control.

Hypnosis can used as a tool to make changes, or to change responses. A person's priorities can be adjusted in a way that is more comfortable for him or her. A craving for sweets can be replaced with a strong desire for a trimmer figure. Responses, which are formed by the subconscious, will be re-framed or reprogrammed.

Changes in a person's behavior can easily be made when in a trance, because the subconscious mind is more suggestible. Hypnosis can help redirect the SUBCONSCIOUS to cooperate with the CONSCIOUS mind's desires (such as wanting to lose weight, stop smoking, or be free of a fear or phobia).

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