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Get Help with Procrastination

Ever wonder why you desperately want to accomplish something but just cannot seem to get started? Or, you keep starting the job and never seem to complete it?

Whether it’s exercising, studying, changing your diet, or meeting a deadline for work, you probably have an avoidance issue. Your conscious mind knows exactly what must be done, but your subconscious mind keeps sabotaging your progress. Hence, you are literally paralyzed from getting started.

Reasons for this could be any number of things: re-experiencing a bad past experience, poor time management, not wanting to leave one’s comfort zone, or simply wanting to do something more pleasurable.

Ultimately, the subconscious mind – the inner part of the mind that has no logic and responds without reason – usually wins. Hypnosis can get to the triggers of the subconscious, changing them to achieve a better outcome.


"What I always assumed was laziness, was actually a fear of failing at whatever I did. I was traumatized by past bad experiences and was 'stuck.' I couldn't move forward. Since Terry specializes in fears, she easily recognized this in me. In just a few sessions, she helped me remove these fears, and I was able to get on with my life. Now I'm more productive than I've been in ages."

-Ben W., Floral Park, NY

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