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Get Help with Smoking

With every major change comes a transition period. When a person stops smoking - a habit that has usually been going on for years - he or she must adjust to becoming a non-smoker.

Other than having cravings, people report not having serious discomfort when giving up cigarettes. However, during the transition period, a person's body must repair itself, and slowly return to a healthier state. Remember, the body has long been absorbing and depending on the addictive and poisonous effects of tar and nicotine. Also, an established and habitual pattern is now being eliminated. So, one must accept any symptom as part of the healing process. One's body will be changing for the better. It will be purging itself of a poison.

If you make the decision to stop smoking, avoid the term "giving up smoking." You will not be giving up anything. You will be ridding yourself of something destructive. You'll be gaining health, freedom, and a chance at a longer life. Hypnosis will enable your subconscious mind to accept and live with this decision. It will change your perception of smoking, and aid you in "unlearning" that nasty habit forever. Post-hypnotic suggestions can be given to change your reaction to cravings, so that they ultimately do not exist.

Afraid of gaining weight if you stop smoking? Relax and fear not. Releasing a smoking habit does not cause weight gain...overeating does. If this is a concern, mention it to your Hypnotherapist during the intake session. Post hypnotic suggestions can be given during hypnosis to ensure that you will not replace cigarettes with excessive eating.

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