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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose control?

Not at all. Hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your morals or self-preservation. If an unacceptable (to you) suggestion were ever given, you would simply refuse to comply or terminate the hypnotic state.

Will I lose touch with reality?

Not likely. Deep Hypnosis resembles the dreamy feeling of just drifting off to sleep. Most people hear and remember most of what is said, and simply feel very relaxed. It's different for everyone, but usually as one becomes more conditioned through several sessions, one goes deeper and deeeeeeeeper.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

If you can focus on a good book, or immerse yourself in a movie, then you can be hypnotized. The best subjects are creative, intelligent people. The more strong-willed, clever and imaginative, the better the subject.

Could I get 'stuck' in hypnosis?

Not a chance. There is nowhere to go but to sleep. That's it! So should you fall asleep, the Hypnotherapist will wake you up, or you'll wake up naturally, like from a nap.

How do suggestions work?

The patient's priorities can be adjusted in a way that is comfortable for him or her. For instance, a craving for sweets or cigarettes can be replaced with a strong desire for a trimmer figure, or for health and vitality. Responses, which are formed by the subconscious, will be re-framed or reprogrammed.

How many sessions will it take?

This varies, depending on both the person and the issue. Since most habits or conditions exist from years of negative re-enforcement, one should expect at least a few sessions for long-lasting effect. With smoking, for example, three or four sessions are recommended: an intake session to assess the triggers and smoking-related issues, and two or three hypnosis sessions, for planting the suggestions, fine-tuning, and re-enforcement.

What is the difference between Self-Hypnosis and Meditation?

Meditation is a form of hypnosis, sometimes using guided imagery, for the purposes of relaxation. Self-Hypnosis, however, is goal-oriented... driven by suggestion. Whether you receive Hypnosis through a therapist, or use Self-Hypnosis on your own, it is targeted at achieving some specific outcome through suggestion.

What factors are important?

Motivation and the desire to make the change is imperative. Trust and a good rapport with the Hypnotist should be apparent.

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